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University of British-Columbia
Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education
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Projets de recherche en cours


Titre : Transition into adulthood as goal-directed projects for youth with intellectual disabilities and their parents. [Pour en savoir plus...]

Organisme subventionnaire : SSHRC Insight Grant 

Chercheur principal : R. Young

Cochercheur-e-s : Marshall, S., Stainton, T.

Années : 2013-2016



Titre : Over 2 U: Governance transfer between parents and adolescents. [Pour en savoir plus...]

Organisme subventionnaire : SSHRC Insight Grant

Chercheur principal : S.Marshall

Cochercheur-e-s : Young, R., Tilton-Weaver, L.

Années : 2013-2016





Projets de recherche antérieurs


  • Parents' & adolescents' goal-directed actions regarding extracurricular structured & unstructured activities with peers.
  • Counselling as a context for youth transitions.
  • Career development as a couples project.
  • Self-defining memories in depressed university students.
  • High school without alcohol and marijuana : Dispelling the myth.
  • Family career development projects of gifted adolescents in Hong Kong.
  • Developing the use of the self-confrontation procedure for use with suicidal clients.
  • Urban Aboriginal families career development projects.
  • Transition to adulthood as a family project.
  • Séminaire sur les pratiques professionnelles et les théories de l'action.
  • XXV International Congress of Applied Psychology.
  • Exploring the development of sunbathing habits among adolescents.
  • The family career development project in disadvantaged families. 






Livres et direction d’ouvrages scientifiques


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Direction de numéros thématiques de revues scientifiques


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Articles référés à des comités de lecture


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Contributions à des ouvrages collectifs


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Actes de colloque


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